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The REAL Cost of a Cheap Computer

It is not uncommon for customers to call Rent-A-Nerd or show up at our shop with a cheap laptop or desktop that was purchased “on sale.”  Why?  I always ask.  Well if it breaks, I can just purchase another one, is the response I hear most often.  I cannot think of a business—whether a sole proprietorship or a corporation with 500 employees—that does NOT rely on a computer for work.  Even home-users suffer tangible losses when their computers are down.  Believe me; I know these things.  I have seen and heard almost everything regarding computer failure, ever since I first opened Rent-A-Nerd in 1997. Here is my response to those who want to replace their cheap broken laptop/desktop with another cheap piece of equipment.  Let’sRead Full Article

Meet the Nerds, Part I: Darrin, Chief Nerd

Darrin Piotrowski is our fearless leader.  He founded Rent-A-Nerd with $300 that he borrowed from his mom.  Since then he has tirelessly worked to grow the company into one that takes pride on giving its clients high quality IT sales and services, to home users and businesses of any size. We’ve asked all of the Nerds to answer some fun fact questions, and here are Darrin’s responses: When asked his favorite local restaurant, here’s his wordy response:  I have to pick one?  Patois for the gourmet in me.  Galatoire’s for old school.  Chiba when I need to satisfy my sushi craving.  Satsuma for Sunday brunch, despite the stupid seating situation! Star Wars or Star Trek:   Hov wars qamuSHa’  (Our response, “huh?”) Favorite Mardi Gras Krewe: Read Full Article

Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2014 Growth Conference

We were thrilled to discover that Entrepreneur had selected New Orleans for its 2014 Growth Conference.  The event includes a keynote address by Erik Wahl, described by the website as “both a business strategist and artist.”  Break-out sessions include topics ranging from mentoring, to branding, social media client acquisition, and “what your CPA isn’t telling you.”  Participants are invited to pitch their business to the magazine’s editors, for a shot at being featured in print or online.  The event also offers local business owners the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.  Talk about a day well spent! What’s more, this event has been underwritten by The UPS Store, so it is FREE to attend!  Here’s a link to the registration form:  The event isRead Full Article