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Client Spotlight: Christine Vinson of Vinson Guard Service

Christine M. Vinson is the new face of Vinson Guard Service, a security company founded by her grandfather fifty-one years ago.  With its corporate office in New Orleans, Vinson Guard operates twenty offices located across multiple states.  Christine, however, is firmly rooted in New Orleans, having lived here her entire life (though she admits to “sleeping in Old Metry”). When asked about her family’s business, Christine told us, “Vinson Guard is one of the largest privately owned security organizations in the United States.  We strive to provide an exceptional level of service and care to our customers by building our team with individuals dedicated to the same goals.” Here are Christine’s answers to our “fun facts” questions: Why do you love owning a business inRead Full Article

Bluetooth Audio Receiver Product Review

Today I’d like to share with you an inexpensive little device I purchased recently. This new toy is a Bluetooth audio receiver.  The function of this little gizmo is to allow streaming audio from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  The specific unit that I purchased is a HomeSpot NFC-enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System, and here’s my review. The setup was about as straightforward as can be: Plug the device into an available a/c outlet. Plug the device into an audio receiver, boom box or shelf system that has an auxiliary input (rca plugs or mini-jack) with the provided cable. Pair your Bluetooth device of choice to the Bluetooth audio receiver. That’s about it. Now all of the audioRead Full Article

Client Spotlight: Dr. Pamela Shaw

Pamela Shaw, a beloved local children’s dentist, is originally from New York, but has lived in New Orleans since 1991.  She opened her practice–Pamela Shaw DDS Dentistry for Children–in 1993.  When asked to describe her practice, Dr. Shaw said, “We specialize in taking care of your children’s dental needs in a unique and comfortable space.  We strive to help children have a healthy smile for their lifetime.” Here are Dr. Shaw’s responses to our “fun facts” questions: Why do you love owning a business in NOLA? New Orleans has allowed me to have a quality practice while also allowing me to enjoy a city with an amazing diversity of culture! What’s your favorite NOLA neighborhood to live in? I love many neighborhoods, from Uptown to Mid City,Read Full Article

Komik Reader App Review

Komik Reader is a comic/manga (Japanese comics) viewer and collection manager designed for Android tablets and phones.  (Remember, Nerds prefer Android over iOS.  This could be one reason why!) This free app, or $1.99 for ad-free version ( available in the Google play store), lets fans of comics read all their CBR and CBZ files from an Android device.   I read mine on my Google Nexus 7 tablet (which I love!).  CBR files are “Comic Book Archive” files.  Being able to have entire comic book collection on a tablet or android phone is very handy, as opposed to carrying around tons of comic books in mylar bags everywhere. “I slammed my door and locked myself in with dungeons and dragons and Todd McFarlane”– TheRead Full Article

Client Spotlight: Rory Picou of Premier Fitness

New Orleans native Rory Picou founded Premier Fitness ten years ago.  In that time, Premier Fitness, centrally located on Airline Highway, has grown into a world-class exercise facility, accommodating everyone from serious athletes to the casually-fit.  When asked about his popular health club, Rory had this to say: “Premier has defied tradition and has given new meaning to the word fitness. We’ve packed over 25 years of industry insight, management expertise and member feedback into the finest fitness facility ever established in the New Orleans area. The result is an uncommon blend of aesthetic sensibility with uncompromising service, specifically designed to bridge the gap between intimidation and confidence. At Premier Fitness we will do as much for your individuality as for your body.” Here areRead Full Article

My Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses Story (Part II)

Continued from Part I of My Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Story… Once admitted to the program, I was assigned to Cohort 5 (the next session) with twenty-three other scholars, comprised of a diverse group of business owners, in industries ranging from construction to restaurants.  Together, we employed 337 people and had revenues of $39 million.  That’s quite a socio-economic impact on the region!  Some of the businesses were young and experiencing growing pains, some had plateaued, and some—as in my case—had declined through the years. Over the course of four months, encompassing sixteen classes, I embarked on a crash course in running a business.  Overwhelming?  Yes!  So many questions ran through my head.  Could I do it?  Maybe, with the right support.  Was IRead Full Article

Client Spotlight: Wendy Dolan with Get Online NOLA

You have probably seen Wendy Dolan’s work–in fact, she designed Rent-A-Nerd’s new custom website (which we think is great!).  Born and raised in Houma, Wendy lived in as many places as possible before settling down in New Orleans in 2011.  Here she founded Get Online NOLA, a locally-minded offspring of her world-wide website design company, Faudo (which she and her husband founded in 2008 and which is now also based in New Orleans). Although Faudo’s clients extend from Los Angeles to New York, London, and beyond, Get Online NOLA was developed specifically for local small and mid-sized businesses that desperately need a website, but may not have the resources to build or maintain a custom site.  Through Get Online Nola, Wendy is providing local businessRead Full Article

Avoiding Computer Hackers

We all use email as a primary source of communication on a daily basis–for business and personal use. Every day our in-boxes are bombarded with SPAM and advertisements. Some of these emails are legitimate, but some are phishing emails. Phishing emails are designed to steal your password, bank information, credit card information and other personal data from your computer. How can you tell if a message is a scam or legitimate? Here are a few tips to follow in order to avoid having your computer hacked  through these types of emails. Bad spelling and grammar – Hackers are great at coming up with ways to steal, but they aren’t so great at proofreading. If the message contains a misspelled word or poor grammar, it mayRead Full Article

Client Spotlight: Glen Hogh with Vega Tapas Cafe

If you’ve ever been to Vega Tapas Cafe, on Metairie Road, you probably know (or met) its vivacious owner, Glen Hogh.  Glen was born and raised in Metairie, and says he’s here “for life!”  That’s a bold statement from someone who has traveled the world searching for cooking inspiration for his popular restaurant and catering company, which he’s owned for almost eighteen years! Glen describes Vega Tapas as “the first to introduce small plates to the New Orleans area.  We have a casual, chic atmosphere with an extensive wine list, serving original, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.”  He loves owing a business here because of “the enthusiasm of the spirit of NOLA diners!”  Here are his responses to our fun facts questions: Favorite NOLA neighborhood to live in:Read Full Article