Monthly Archives: August 2014

Meet the Nerds, Part VIII: Garren McKelvey

It’s been a while since we’ve introduced a new Nerd, and so we’re extra excited to bring you this most recent edition of Meet the Nerds!  Garren McKelvey was recently hired in the role of Field Service Technician, so if you need onsite help, there’s a good change you’ll meet Garren (not to be confused with Darrin, our Chief Nerd).  With his love of travel, cats, and all things nerdy, he fits right in.  Here are his responses to our “fun facts” questionnaire: What’s your favorite local restaurant? Juans Flying Burrito (on Magazine)   Star Wars or Star Trek? Apples and Oranges.  But Star Trek.  It represents a human race that has put countries and bigotry aside to create one earth and one human race.Read Full Article

Nerds Care: Sheets and Towels for the Jefferson SPCA

As part of our ongoing commitment to the community, Rent-A-Nerd is collecting sheets and towels for the Jefferson SPCA.  The Jefferson SPCA partners with the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter (both the East Bank and West Bank shelters) to provide adoption and other humane services.  In addition to helping the shelter, the Jefferson SPCA provides no-cost spay and neuter to area feral cats, and very low-cost spay and neuter services for the pets of area residents. You can support this nonprofit organization through monetary donations, hands-on volunteer efforts, and the donation of supplies.  You can also help by promoting the many benefits of adopting homeless animals.  Please consider donating your gently used sheets and towels. These items are always needed, but especially so during the busyRead Full Article