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Why do we still worry about Work from Home policies?

If you have been in the workplace for a few decades, you may remember that the idea of telecommuting began to appear in the late 90’s as internet access from home began to become more common. Telecommuting was often poorly received, as it carried the onus of being a “trick” to avoid working a full eight hours. Then, with the arrival of residential broadband access a decade or so ago, successfully conducting a large majority of your work tasks in real-time, from home, became very realistic for a large swath of office workers. And now, months into a pandemic, many of us are still telecommuting. So, then why do we still worry about work from home policies? Here are some of the concerns that businessRead Full Article

5 Bad Technology Habits

Now more than every, you are probably practically attached to one device or another. Bad online habits can leave you swimming in malware, hackers, and leaked data – none of which is fun or pleasant. But on the other hand, bad technology habits can leave you in bodily pain, unproductive, and desperate for more time – none of which is easy to come back from. Here are a few bad technology habits to be on the lookout for. Do you check social media every 60 seconds? I get it. There is so much going on these days. The urge to read about the latest news and scandals is real. Or you may just want a break from everything and just want to look at picturesRead Full Article

A Work From Home Policy Can Help Your Business

In the last several years, the concept of creating a work from home policy has become increasingly more popular. Though some still remain skeptical, it has been gaining in popularity and become more widely accepted among management circles. That said, the current pandemic essentially set the debate entirely aside, at least for the time being, because work from home (WFH) became the only choice between working and shutting down. Aside from mandatory quarantines, why have organizations been adopting WFH policies? There are several factors that are motivating companies to select WFH. Employee satisfaction: Many, but not all, employees like the freedom to work from home at least part of the time. Offering WFH opportunities can increase levels of employee satisfaction. This ties in to theRead Full Article

Who Makes Your IT Decisions?

Do you feel qualified to make the IT decisions for your business? We’ll use medical offices as our example in this blog, but in reality, this information is important to all small businesses. It’s easy to substitute engineering firm, accountant, attorney, and many other professions, really anyone who does not have a background in technology. As we’ve discussed in our last blog, now is the time to upgrade your technology so that you’ll be ahead of the game when businesses pick up. Let’s assume that everything we’ve said about upgrading your technology resonated with you, and you agree 100% — now what? Well, decisions have to be made. What kind of hardware will you be using? What about the software? When do you plan toRead Full Article