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Nick, born and raised in New Orleans, has worked with computers and networks since the tenth grade. In spite of the first computer he built catching fire upon its first boot, Nick joined Rent-A-Nerd shortly after graduating from Holy Cross High School and worked part-time while pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Loyola University. Nick has played music since he was fifteen, and currently plays in the local computer rock band A Living Soundtrack.

Sleepless in Cyberspace?

For many people, using electronic devices before going to bed has replaced reading a book or magazine.  Whether it is a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even e-reader, more and more individuals use them in bed right before sleep.  But unlike the yellowish glow of paper illuminated by lamplight, the harsh blue light projected by an LED screen can have the effect of keeping us awake and can even affect the quality of the sleep that we get. I have to admit that I am guilty of doing this pretty often.  I spend all day on computers, phones, and tablets for work, but sometimes it is not until just before bed that I have a chance to read news articles, visit internet forums, check on socialRead Full Article