Client Spotlight: Glen Hogh with Vega Tapas Cafe

If you’ve ever been to Vega Tapas Cafe, on Metairie Road, you probably know (or met) its vivacious owner, Glen Hogh.  Glen was born and raised in Metairie, and says he’s here “for life!”  That’s a bold statement from someone who has traveled the world searching for cooking inspiration for his popular restaurant and catering company, which he’s owned for almost eighteen years!

Vega Sidewalk

Glen describes Vega Tapas as “the first to introduce small plates to the New Orleans area.  We have a casual, chic atmosphere with an extensive wine list, serving original, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.”  He loves owing a business here because of “the enthusiasm of the spirit of NOLA diners!”  Here are his responses to our fun facts questions:

Favorite NOLA neighborhood to live in:  Old Metry, dawlin!

Mardi Gras or Jazz Fest:  J-A-Z-Z F-E-S-T!

Favorite Snoball Stand:  Sal’s

New red, or traditional green, streetcars: GREEN–all the way!

Saints or Pelicans:  Saints

Favorite NOLA Athlete:  Scott Fujita (We like his choice!)

Favorite local music venue:  3 Muses

Favorite NOLA restaurant:  Cafe Degas

Cafe du Monde or Morning Call:  Cafe du Monde

An ideal NOLA weekend:  “A cool, sunny afternoon at French Quarter Fest.”  (Well, that’s right around the corner, and we hope in the meantime that he–and YOU–are enjoying this gorgeous spring weather!)

What tech device could you not live without?  iPod

Favorite mobile app:  Pandora

Bonus info:  “You guys are the speediest, courteous, soul-smoothing group of geeks!  Thanks!”  (We swear we did not pay him to say this!)