Computer Network Management and Maintenance

Rent-A-Nerd, Inc.’s co-owners, Charlotte and Darrin Piotrowski, published an article, “Don’t Wait Until It’s Broken,” in the September 2015 issue of Biz New Orleans (and also included in email blast and the Biz New Orleans online issue). In it, they discussed the many reasons why every business should have a computer network management and maintenance contract with a local IT firm, rather than simply calling their computer repair company every time something breaks or isn’t working properly. Here’s the link to the full article. Below is the top ten list of reasons, taken from the article, for contracting with Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. for your business’s computer network management and maintenance.

Top 10 benefits of network/computer management and maintenance:

1 – You can truly think of your IT service provider as your outsourced IT department, but without the overhead. You are now fully supported in the manner in which much larger companies—with their own designated IT departments—are, except that you do not have to find office space for this department or even pay their salaries and benefits. But you still get the benefit of round-the-clock maintenance!

2 – Early issue detection leads to fewer problems that actually affect the end-user.

3 – Remote technical support reduces overall IT expenses with shorter response times.

4 – Having a trusted IT consultant means your business won’t need to rely on vendor support (such as software support calls that last for hours and leave you more frustrated than before).

5 – The “break-fix” practice forces you to pay when you are down and already losing money.

6 – Flat-rate IT management is easy to budget, reduces hidden costs, and promotes IT expense planning.

7 – You get a powerful alignment of your IT and business goals. Your technology works for you!

8 – Businesses that manage and outsource their IT properly greatly reduce overall IT expenses.

9 – Your business can take advantage of enterprise-level solutions for small-business costs.

10 – Remote maintenance and management allow your business to free up resources and focus on core business objectives. You should be focusing your time on your business, not your computer network!

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