Computer Repair Versus Network and Computer Maintenance

The average small business spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology.  That may not surprise you, but did you know 80% of the cost comes after the initial purchase?  Clearly, acquiring new technology isn’t nearly as expensive as keeping it performing well.  Shouldn’t your IT systems be an investment for business growth, rather than a drag on profitability?

Traditionally, business owners would call a computer repair technician only when there were problems; in other words, a computer–or the entire network of computers–breaks, a technician fixes it until something within the network breaks again.  We now know that it is much less expensive, for many reasons, to simply maintain computer networks on an ongoing basis.  The old way is often called the “break/fix” method, whereas modern IT maintenance is referred to as “managed services.”  Here’s a break-down of both:

Traditional IT Methods (Break-Fix)

  • This method is often coined the “break-fix” method.
  • When something is broken, tech support arrives on-site to fix it, making this approach REACTIVE.
  • Therefore, this generally results in misguided support and even more billable time to resolve it.
  • The business suffers a loss in productivity, as employees affected by the outage experience downtime and cannot perform their jobs as effectively without their working equipment.
  • The business pays the technician for fixing the issue while experiencing COSTLY downtime.
  • This leads to missed opportunities and lower productivity—all of which cost your company money.
  • A seemingly simple IT outage can add up to be a large, unexpected expense very quickly!

Modern IT Methods (Managed Services)

  • Regular maintenance prolongs the usability and performance of computer systems.
  • Automated security patches and software updates protect the network from many threats and issues.
  • Remote technical support can reduce support costs by eliminating transportation for most issues.
  • PROACTIVE monitoring and early detection can pinpoint issues for resolution before they cause downtime.
  • Thorough documentation and network maps give technicians a precise overview of your business’s IT needs.
  • Reporting and tracking can segregate troublesome devices for replacement.

Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. can provide modern IT methods utilizing our Remote Management and Monitoring tools.  RMM for short!  This allows us to provide a much higher quality service for your business.  This relationship is much more of a partnership and creates a higher expectation for Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. to provide stellar service; our methods also enables us to do so!

How Does RMM Work?

Many issues can be detected early and prevented before they escalate and start to lower the utilization of your staff and cause a loss of time and money.  Some of these issues include:

  • Hard Drive Failure Warnings
  • Hard Drive Fragmentation and Disk Space Warnings
  • Malware, Spyware, and Rootkit Detection
  • Antivirus Updates and Issues
  • Outdated Windows Updates and Service Packs
  • Windows Updates Failures
  • Windows Licensing Issues
  • Duplicate Network Addresses
  • Unexpected Changes in System Hardware
  • CPU and Memory Issues
  • Event and Error Logging
  • And Much More

Rent-A-Nerd, Inc.’s special software detects these issues and alerts us when they arise.  This PROACTIVE approach helps eliminate downtime and lost productivity.

And finally, here are the top ten benefits of a Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. Network Management Agreement:

  1. Think of Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. as your outsourced IT department, but without the overhead.
  2. Early issue detection leads to fewer problems that actually affect the end-user.
  3. Remote technical support reduces overall IT expenses with shorter response times.
  4. With Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. as your trusted IT consultant, your business won’t need to rely on vendor support.
  5. The Break-Fix practice forces you to pay when you are down and already losing money.
  6. Flat-rate IT management is easy to budget, reduces hidden costs, and promotes IT expense planning.
  7. You get a powerful alignment of your IT and business goals.  (Your technology works for you!)
  8. Businesses that manage and outsource their IT properly greatly reduce overall IT expenses.
  9. Your business can take advantage of enterprise-level solutions for small-business costs.
  10. Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. RMM allows your business to free up resources and focus on core business objectives.

Call us today (504-454-6373) to discuss options for your business.  The time to start saving time, money, and other resources is now!