Darrin guest lectures at Delgado Community College

Darrin was recently asked to give a presentation to students at  Delgado Community College.  So, on a recent morning, he gave a talk to the Introduction to Business class, along with Kelvin Gipson, Alumni Services Manager for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.  Here’s Darrin’s account of the experience:

I gave a brief presentation on being a business owner and entrepreneur as well as fielded questions from students.  I met fellow graduates of the Goldman Sachs program, Heidi Raines of Medical Executive Partners, and Tracey Ryals-Frazier of B&S Equipment Company.  Not only did I learn a lot about their businesses and the common issues that we as business owners come across.  I also learned that many of the students had questions that were in line with existing issues that we face today.

We were asked, “How do you evaluate a potential employee when reading resumes?”  I explained that resumes must have correct grammar and no misspellings!  Another student asked, “Have you ever felt like giving up?”  My response was, “Of course!  I went through a rough patch from 2009-2012.  Creating a growth plan to outline my goals, both personal and business, helped me get and stay focused.”  Whether you own an IT company, landscaping business, or a hair salon, many businesses face the same issues.  I stressed the importance of befriending your peers, both in your industry and outside.  Employees, revenues, profits, and losses are common, regardless of the industry.  The knowledge of many is far greater than the knowledge of one!

I felt my time was well-spent.  The students asked wonderful questions and showed a real interest in our presentation, and I walked away feeling more enthusiastic than ever about the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Darrin Piotrowski giving presentation at Delgado Community College

Darrin Piotrowski giving presentation at Delgado Community College