Five Reasons You Should Retire Your Windows XP ASAP!

Here are five reasons why you should retire your Windows XP computer as soon as possible:

1. Updates & Bug Fixes: Since Microsoft decided to end support for Windows XP back in April 14, 2014, there have been no more security updates or technical support. Without any patches, updates, and hotfixes, your computer is more vulnerable to viruses, spywares, and hackers. Your identity could be more easily compromised.

2.  Software & Drivers: Now that Microsoft has ended the support for XP, all software developers and manufactures will ultimately follow suit. Newly purchased hardware, such as printers, scanners, webcams, etc., will no longer have supporting software for Windows XP. Programmers will stop develop compatible applications and programs for an outdated operating system. With limited software and hardware, the computer is inadequate.

3.  HIPAA Compliant: Professionals who handle any sort of health/medical records are familiar with HIPAA compliancy issues. HIPAA security rules sets national standards for the security of electronically-saved health information. Just having a Windows XP computer on your network causes you to be automatically in violation with HIPAA, which could lead to fines and/or the closing of your business.

4. Internet Explorer Browser: When you don’t get updates, it also means that you don’t get  upgrades for Internet Explorer. IE8 is the latest version that can be installed on Windows XP. Many web designers have slowly eliminated IE8 as one of their sources for compatibility check. Next time you visit a site that’s not compatible with IE8, you may notice misaligned documents, overlapping words, and/or missing pictures.

5. Performance: Unless you have a Windows XP downgrade, the computer is probably over five years old. Computers have moving mechanical parts. Over time, from wear and tear, those parts will eventually break. Inevitably, all hard drives will fail. Poor computer performance may lead to slow productivity and frustrated end-users.

If you have an XP machine, have one of our Nerds give you an overhaul. We can evaluation your overall needs without selling you an overpowered computer. We truly do take pride in solving our clients’ technical issues, so call us today (504-454-6373) to set up an appointment so that we can provide you with options that fit within your budget. Remember: We’re your IT staff without the overhead!