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Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. provides efficient and proactive business IT services. We invest in learning about your business so we can provide the most effective products that will keep your tech running smoothly, and prevent costly downtime. With over twenty years in business, we pride ourselves on the longevity of our clients and employee relationships.

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What Our
Customers Say

Rent-A-Nerd was an essential partner to us when we launched our boutique law firm. They assisted with the design of our IT System from layout of the infrastructure to selecting the hardware and software.  They worked closely with as we opened in phases and helped develop the plan for the initial rollout and first expansion.  Like a good team member, they shared in the excitement, the difficulties, and successes of the firm’s launch. I can honestly say that they have outperformed other IT people we’ve worked with in the past by quickly responding to issues, whether it be remote access or a short turnaround for onsite visits. Best of all, they have deep knowledge of law-specific IT systems and are great at learning and adapting new technologies to drive our practice forward.

Gerald A. Malchiode, Attorney at Law, Melchiode Marks King LLCClick Here For More Testimonials

When my computers go down, my business stops. Rent-A-Nerd technicians are not only knowledgeable about our IT system, they respond quickly and either repair the issue remotely or have a technician in my office right away. Having an IT company automatically update our software and monitor our system frees me up to focus on my clients and my business and that’s invaluable to me.

Patricia Besselman, Besselman & AssociatesClick Here For More Testimonials

One of the biggest benefits to having Rent-A-Nerd as our IT firm is the security of knowing if we have any problem with any of our technology, a solution is just a phone call away. I truly value their quick response time and availability. Based on our experience with Rent A Nerd, there hasn’t been one problem that they couldn’t fix.

Dr. Elizabeth Thorson, Thorson Dentistry for KidsClick Here For More Testimonials

The Rent-A-Nerd (RAN) ticketing system adds efficiencies and tracking abilities for our agency. With a staff of twenty-five people, we inevitably have workstation glitches that pop up. Empowering employees to submit their own tickets to RAN for issues helps remove unnecessary administrative bottlenecking. RAN calmly and patiently explains high-level information in a way that’s digestible for us.

Sadie Nius, Vice President of Operations, FSC Interactive Click Here For More Testimonials

The biggest benefit of switching to Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. for all of our IT needs has been peace of mind and little to no unexpected downtime. I have more time to contribute to improving my own company’s bottom line. I spoke to a few other firms before choosing Rent-A-Nerd.  They were the last firm that I spoke with and the decision was obvious.  IT support was never something in the budget, but our office productivity has increased due to a lack of down-time. Efficiency has increased.  The main point I would attempt to get across to a potential customer is that the service pays for itself due to increased office efficiency. I feel that this is especially true for a company of our size that cannot justify hiring an in-house IT person. Their staff has always been prompt and knowledgeable. Nearly every problem I have encountered has been resolved the same day.

Colin Manikin, Baker Maid ProductsClick Here For More Testimonials

Because I run an accounting firm that relies heavily on our IT systems working, I appreciate that Rent-A-Nerd will respond to and resolve my computer issues. I don’t have a background in technology, but they have always been patient in explaining issues to me so that I can understand and make the best decisions for my firm.

The world’s business economy is technology-dependent now.  Having Rent-A-Nerd on call gives me peace of mind to know that if anything goes wrong, I will be up and running quickly.

Amanda Aguillard, Aguillard Accounting Click Here For More Testimonials

I’ve been with Rent-A-Nerd since the start of my needing IT service. Their staff is always responsive to my needs.  I don’t have to worry about anything, due to their secure remote access.  Any issues that come up are usually fixed before I even know about them.  I have peace of mind knowing that my IT needs are always being handled by a local, trusted IT firm. What more could I want?

Dr. Pamela Shaw, Dentistry for ChildrenClick Here For More Testimonials

One of our primary concerns was making sure our server is backed up completely—and now that Rent-A-Nerd is our IT firm, that’s no longer an issue. Further, their team’s response time is greatly appreciated as it applies to any problems we might encounter. The IT technician with whom we deal with the most explains things to us without talking over our heads or patronizing us, problems that we’ve had with other IT firms. I was pleasantly surprised to find an IT firm staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are also friendly and helpful!

Terry Irwin II, Comet Consultants, Inc.Click Here For More Testimonials

Those may sound like basic requirements to be in business, but that’s just not always the case. However, it is the case with Rent-A-Nerd. They truly are always accessible, responsive, and professional. And I appreciate that if any issue comes up, they explain what’s going on and provide me with options regarding how it can be remedied. I truly have only positive things to say about the work these guys have done for me.

Kyle Sclafani, Law Offices of Kyle SclafaniClick Here For More Testimonials

Rent-A-Nerd’s staff is always very attentive. I just can’t stress enough how great and personal their IT professionals are. And I really appreciate their quick turnaround and response time; most of the time, they are aware of any potential issues before we are.

Donna Dalton, Money EducationClick Here For More Testimonials

Vinson Guard is a large company, with twenty offices spread over several states, so the last thing I have time to deal with is our IT infrastructure. And it Is really nice having one less thing to think about and manage.  We have never worked with any other IT firm, nor do we wish too.  The relationship is too strong. If you are looking for a true partner for your IT needs, then Rent-A-Nerd is your ideal option.  They not only look over our current needs, but they also help us stay up-to-date as a company on IT development.

Christine Vinson, President, Vinson Guard Service, Inc.Click Here For More Testimonials

Thanks to Rent-A-Nerd, Terrazzo Masters is firmly up-to-date in its IT support, and that transition was done in a way that even a flooring sub-contractor can understand and work with. Setting up our Synced Folder, where every employee can see project information, has eliminated many issues that we were having previously. The speed at which Rent-A-Nerd responds is amazing; whether by phone or remote access, problems are solved immediately. Rent-A-Nerd support is like having an inside team member. They will act and feel like a division of your own company.

Clyde P. Martin, III, Terrazzo MastersClick Here For More Testimonials

I am always happy to share my high opinions of Rent-A-Nerd’s great service because I appreciate that they offer cost-effective solutions to small-business IT needs. I truly believe they are the very best value in the area. Rent-A-Nerd provides the best possible custom-tailored services to meet specific organizational needs.  I have made numerous special requests to address our particular circumstances and they have always responded to our needs in a timely and quality manner. I trust Rent-A-Nerd, which is saying a lot in this day and age.  I trust them to keep our electronic files secure and accessible to ensure we’re providing the best possible work to achieve our organizational mission.

Brandi Bowen, Non-ProfitClick Here For More Testimonials

My top two IT concerns were security of computers and data backup, and with Rent-A-Nerd, those are no longer issues for me. I am always impressed by their outstanding and efficient response time to any needs/concerns, as well as their prompt on-site response when necessary. They are always willing to answer all questions patiently and in an easy to understand manner. They make my job easier by being easy to contact and by offering consistent in follow-up. Their entire staff is friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. It is obvious that Rent-A-Nerd is a close-knit group, motivated to offer fairly-priced, accurate, and dependable services. And from my experience, they are able to offer these services custom-tailored to any size company.

Kathleen Gill, Aidan GillClick Here For More Testimonials

I appreciate the peace of mind, knowing there is someone capable to contact when things go wrong that are beyond my abilities, or that if I’m overwhelmed and don’t have time, there is a good source to turn to. I love the ticketing software—so easy to contact with problems.  Availability is excellent—very short timeframe between issue and contact.  It is extremely helpful and considerate that Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. advises when they are going to log in remotely, as opposed to just jumping in while we are working. If you’re looking for dependability and expertise, with prompt and easy to access service plus true professionalism, look no further.  Rent-a-Nerd fulfills their promise.

Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. Offers Dependability and ExpertiseClick Here For More Testimonials

I’m thrilled with the service I receive from Rent-A-Nerd. They are very quick with responses and if an issue comes up, it’s quickly fixed whether on the phone or in person. They are so good, that they are the only IT company we’ll ever use. I highly recommend them!

Wendy Beaumont, MPM DieselClick Here For More Testimonials

Rent-A-Nerd offers me peace of mind since I know I’m receiving expert advice and service, and that all options are being presented to me so that I can make an informed decision. Rent-A-Nerd does what they say they’re going to do, and I definitely value their reliability. I would recommend any business owner contact Rent-A-Nerd for a full discussion about all the services they offer. The owner, Darrin, is the ultimate computer Nerd Pro and will shoot you straight.

Ben Suren, Owner/ President, Sure Logix LLC and Sure Transit LLCClick Here For More Testimonials

Rent-A-Nerd is very reliable and efficient. Our service orders are processed in a timely and accurately manner, and If there is an unavoidable problem or delay, their IT technicians keeps us well-informed about the status. My experience has been that their entire staff is very responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful, which results in a very professional interaction.  What can I say? Rent-A-Nerd is very responsive to our needs and provides quality services, so we strongly recommend them.

Julio Peraza, Latin’s HandClick Here For More Testimonials

I’d have to say that the best thing about partnering with Rent-A-Nerd is the peace of mind that I have because I know someone will be there to immediately help me with all of my IT needs. With Rent-A-Nerd being able to remote access our network and computers, we get immediate help which equates to limited down time so that our shop can continue to operate. I was especially relieved the time that they saved me from the ransom virus. Before I opened my shop in 2004 I never had a need for an IT firm.  Once I started working with Rent-A-Nerd, I immediately knew I had a firm that was not only personable and friendly, but extremely competent. They have always made me feel comfortable and important no matter how big or small my need. I would (and have) recommended Rent-A-Nerd to friends for all of these reasons.

Nancy Tusa, What’s NewClick Here For More Testimonials

I know that whenever I have a problem, I can count on Rent-A-Nerd to quickly diagnose and fix the issue. Compared to other IT firms that I have worked with in the past, Rent-A-Nerd is clearly more knowledgeable. Rent-A-Nerd has been our IT provider for over ten years now, after having worked with other IT firms before that, and I would recommend them highly without reservation.

Steven P. Rooney, Southern Legal ClinicsClick Here For More Testimonials

I don’t have to worry about losing money or time because of IT issues. Rent-A-Nerd keeps our network up and running beautifully! The support line is always quickly answered, and tickets are generated immediately and assigned quickly. Rent-A-Nerd is focused on customer services. They retain staff so you get to know the people helping you and know you can rely on them.

David Merlin, One to One Design, LLCClick Here For More Testimonials

Peace of mind is worth everything! We are confident that Rent-A-Nerd will always keep our office running efficiently, and if we encounter any IT problem, it would be quickly resolved. Rent-A-Nerd is always accessible. We always find somebody to assist us and solve our needs big or small. They take the time to communicate to us what we need and why. You will find that Rent-A-Nerd is not an outside provider; they become part of your firm. You really feel they will do what is best for your company. And I love the consistency of having the same team of IT professionals at my disposal at all times.

Lourdes Letona, Office Manager, Braden,Gonzalez & AssociatesClick Here For More Testimonials

I value the fact that Rent-A-Nerd provides speedy response time to any type of service issue we have. Hands down, Rent-A-Nerd has the best service. Plus, their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It’s not common to be able to say that you love your IT firm, but I genuinely love Rent-A-Nerd! I don’t have to worry about my computers at all. I know if I have any problems it’s a quick email or phone call to put in a service ticket and we’ll be up and running in no time.

Heather Healy, Office Manager, Specialty Demolition, LLCClick Here For More Testimonials

It is important to me to be able to talk to a “live” person on the phone when I have questions. And even better, the staff at Rent-A-Nerd never makes me feel that any of my problems are nonsense. You cannot beat Rent-A-Nerd’s value and the convenience of having someone get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.  And I really like the convenience of them being able to monitor and maintain our IT network remotely.

Donnalee Dupaquier, Kronlage & KronlageClick Here For More Testimonials

The biggest benefits of working with Rent-A-Nerd are the confidence in knowing that if there is a problem, there is someone at the ready to address it, and that the problems have been fixed in a reasonable amount of time. We are technically challenged and don’t speak computer-ese.  Their staff explains everything to us in plain English and then gets the work done.  Also, I am the main point of contact but I am often out of town.  My staff knows they can rely on Rent-A-Nerd even in my absence and I appreciate that security. It is a huge relief to know that there is the support behind you that can effectively deal with your IT problems and Rent-A-Nerd has never let us down!

Tom Cianfichi, HazelnutClick Here For More Testimonials

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