Meet the Nerds, Part III: Cecily

We’re excited to introduce the office’s original Nerdette, Cecily Coats, our fabulous office manager.  Cecily and owner, Darrin, have been friends for years; and we appreciate her combination of quirky humor and professionalism.  Here are her responses to our “fun facts” questions:

What’s your favorite local restaurant:  Mimi’s—the lamb chops are the best!

When asked to choose between Star Wars or Star Trek: Cecily chose neither, which makes us all a little sad.

Favorite Mardi Gras Krewe:  We weren’t surprised this Mid-City girl picked Endymion as her favorite krewe.  At least she has parking!


Dream vacation location: Bora Bora

PlayStation or XBox:  Again, Cecily chose neither.  (We kind of think Cecily isn’t a nerd.)

Favorite game:  Jenga (Well, maybe she is a nerd after all.)

Android or iPhone: iPhone (We want to point out that Cecily is the only one in the office who didn’t pick Android.  Hmmm.)

Favorite Saints player: I’m an LSU girl; but I do love #12 Colston.  (Good choice!  And, we’re LSU fans too.)


When asked to pick between City Park and Audubon, her Mid-City preference was obviously City Park, “duh.”

Best poboy shop: Parkway Bakery, Love Justin!  (Well, in this case, best “poor boy” shop.)

Favorite local music venue: Voodoo Fest

Do you have any pets?  She has a fat cat named Griff.


Game of Thrones or Hunger Games: Hunger Games

Favorite phone app: ESPN College Football

Favorite book: Naked Lunch, William S. Burroughs

Naked Lunch