Meet the Nerds: Tyler Braddick, Network Technician

Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. is excited to introduce our newest Nerd, Tyler Braddick, to the team. Tyler is a Network Technician, so you’re likely to see him working with other Nerds to set up a business’s entire computer network, trouble shooting issues that users may be experiencing, and other nerdy stuff. But, since he doesn’t always work, we thought it would be fun to sit down with him and learn a little more about him. Here are Tyler’s responses to our “fun facts” questions:

Favorite local restaurant: Old Rail Brewing Company [Editor’s Note: It gets good reviews and is just across the Causeway at 639 Girod Street in Mandeville.]

Old Rail

Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Wars, it was the first (although Episodes 1-3 are not all that great) [Editor’s Note: I suggest watching the episodes in the following order: 4, 5, 2, 3, and 6. You’ll start off with the heart of the story, then go back in time for some background information, then end on a good note. Of course, we’ll see what happens come December 28th!]

Favorite Mardi Gras Krewe:  Thoth

Dream vacation location:  Germany and Belgium [Editor’s Note: I’m seeing a trend and am sensing he likes beer.]

PlayStation or XBox:  Playstation

Android or iPhone: iPhone [Editor’s Note: He is the one and only Nerd who prefers iPhone.]

Favorite Game: Starcraft II

Favorite Saints player:  Not a big football fan (Baseball has my heart, Go Sox) but I’m going to go with Drew Brees. [We’re okay with that.]


City Park or Audubon: City Park

Best po-boy shop:  Pontchartrain Po-Boys

Favorite local music venue: The Civic Theatre

Do you have any pets?  I have two cats, Coco and Chance, and a dachshund named Bentley.

Favorite phone app:  MLB At Bat [You can find it here.]

MLB at bat

Microscope or Telescope:  That is a tough one, but since space has always fascinated I’ll go with telescope.

Favorite book: It’s a close tie between the Ender’s series and John Carter of Mars series so I can’t really say which my favorite is.

Bonus Fun Fact:  I really enjoy beer, but more the craft of making it. I’m always coming up with new recipes and you can check them out at local festivals around town. I’m the president of Mystic Krewe of Brew on the Northshore in Mandeville, LA. [That IS a fun fact! Check out their website.]

From the Editor: We recent heard from a long-time client that, “Tyler is the nicest person!” Smart, interesting, and nice to book–gotta like that!