Out of Milk App Review

Don’t you hate it when you get to the store and can’t remember everything you’re supposed to pick up (especially when it was only three or four items!)?  Wouldn’t you like to be able to easily send your spouse your list of items when he’s swinging by the store on the way home?  How about create a shared to-do list?

I recently discovered the Out of Milk app, and it does all of the above, plus more!  This little app allows you to keep and share grocery lists and to-do lists, easily with other people.  And, it’s really easy to add items onto the grocery list–there’s even a quick scan option: just hold your phone above the bar code and press the scan button.  That item is automatically added to your list, which is so handy for those items which you use most often.

You can keep multiple lists going, so that you can have a list of Saturday errands, an ongoing “honey-do” list (which I have yet to make, but will soon!), and whatever other lists you need to keep handy.  When items are complete (or purchased), it’s easy to just tap the item, which checks it off the list.

There are some features within the app that I haven’t even used yet, such as a pantry inventory, which would be great when planning menus for the week.  I can definitely see the advantages to using this app with large families–everyone would be able to add their items to the grocery list on an ongoing basis, so you always know that your list is up-to-date.  The sync feature is automatic and very quick–when my husband and I shop together, we are able to go in different directions in the store and check off the items that we select so that we don’t duplicate.

Lots of apps are fun, but this app is really useful!  It’s available for Android and iPhone.  Here’s a link for more information: https://www.outofmilk.com/.  Happy shopping!