Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. Mourns the Passing of Thomas Reine

Thomas Reine (Tommy) was a long-time Nerd, having joined Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. in February 2002.  We are very sorry to report that Tommy died on May 14, 2014, following a brief hospitalization for a heart condition.  He  was the son of Luke and Doris Reine, brother of Chris and Beth Reine, brother-in-law of Linda Reine, and uncle of Anna and Emily Reine.

In addition to being a loyal Nerd, he was a cherished friend and Midcity neighbor.  Here’s a link to our Meet the Nerds interview with Tommy.  He will certainly be missed.  Here are some parting comments from his Nerd coworkers:

“Through the years, Tommy worked his way up from the position of inside technician to field service tech.  He was a valuable resource to our company as well as a good guy and jack-of-all-trades.  If you needed to know how to slow cook a pork shoulder or install a home theater, Tommy could tell you.  If you needed to know the best PC video game, Tommy was the person to go to.  He will be missed.  Rest in peace fellow Nerd.”

-Darrin Piotrowski

“I still remember the first day I arrived at Rent-A-Nerd, when Tommy trained me as an inside technician. Not only that he helped me to become a better tech, but he made me feel welcomes and became part of the Nerd team.  Tommy was a great colleague and friend, and he will be missed.”

-Beibei Lin

“Tommy, you took me under your wing and helped train me to become the Nerd I am today.  Thank you for all the knowledge you shared with me, I’ll never forget you.”

-Marshall Flaig

“Tommy was a good friend, great neighbor and the best co-worker a person could have. He was very quiet but extremely witty.  He loved to cook and was truly a real nerd. I had the pleasure of having him in my life since 2002 along with his annual crawfish etoufee (the bomb!). Our Rent-A-Nerd family and neighborhood will never be the same as he will be missed and forever in my heart.”

-Cecily C. Coats

“Tommy was a great friend and an irreplaceable part of our Rent-A-Nerd family. When we were neighbors, he and I spent many nights over great food, great music and great video games. He was always trying to make that perfect gumbo, play that guitar lick “just right”, or perfect his already flawless skills at pool. Thanks for all you taught me. I’ll miss you buddy.”
-Nick Lauve