The Right Business Email Address

No matter if your business is fewer than ten employees or more than a 1,000, email is key in your communications with clients, vendors, staff, and other businesses. Often I find that a business’s emails are hosted by its Internet Service Provider or ISP, such as ATT, Cox, Comcast, etc. Without a better understanding of the benefits of a custom domain-hosted email, clients can potentially get lost. Therefore, it is so important that you have the right business email address.

Business cards are exchanged on daily basis. A very basic card may include name, address, phone number, and email. An email address such as or projects a different level of professionalism than a card reading Do you want your email to say, “We are a well-established company and ready to do business,” or “We are a mom and pop company that’s still a work-in-progress?” A prospective client or business may pass on your service just based on this simple email formality.

One of the main attraction of an ISP-hosted email account is the fact that it is FREE. And certainly, free can be good until you decide to change your service due to unfriendly technical support or poor internet service. What happens when that was the email address that is known by all of your clients, business partners, and finance companies? Well, if you change internet providers, the answer is: Gone! Once your IPS has changed, your previous email account is terminated. Everyone in your contact list will need to be notified about the email change, which can easily take months, and can cost you business! With a custom domain-hosted email, your internet provider doesn’t dictate your email address.

All ISP-hosted email accounts provide only the basic email function–you’re able to compose and send emails, reply to emails, and save emails. That’s pretty much it. However, with a domain-hosted email service, you will get email cloud backup, sync between devices, and calendar share, along with many additional features. The techs at Rent-A-Nerd are happy to customize your email so that it meets all of your needs. Give us a call (504-454-6373) and let us help your business grow. We offer a full range of IT services for your business, no matter its size!