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Cloud / Hosted Solutions

“Cloud-based” is not just a trendy tech term these days.  It is a revolutionary way for businesses to host their websites and email without the need for a host server, which is subject to power outages, natural disasters and server crashes/server down-time.

Rent-A-Nerd offers these main choices for cloud-based hosting, each of which will be specially tailored to your needs.


• Office 365:  There are multiple plans available to fit different company sizes and needs.   Features and benefits include the following: a familiar Microsoft Office experience, business class email, instant message and video conferencing, document sharing.  and mobile MS apps on Windows phones (upgradable to iOS and Android); upgrades may include full and mobile versions of Microsoft Office programs and other features.  Click here for Office 365 business pricing, which includes Microsoft Office; or click here for Office 365 email-only pricing.  These are the plans most businesses need; but if you don’t see one that fits your specific needs, please call us to discuss your many other options.

• Google Apps for Business:  Features and benefits include Google-based email (Gmail), customized domain name,Google Calender, Google Docs (enables multi-person real-time collaboration for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings), archiving and e-Discovery tools, and hundreds of third-party applications, which we will gladly discuss with you.

• Hosted Exchange:  This is an even more reliable option, similar to the other options above, including mobile device capabilities, email security (encryption, anti-virus, anti-spam), and email archiving solutions.  Because email is fundamentally crucial to most business applications, we offer this premium option.  This solution will help your business demonstrate regulatory compliance as well as solve email performance issues–this hosted exchange has zero downtime.

• Cloud Sync:  This is your server in the cloud.  What does this mean to you?  Sharing, editing and restoring lost files from the cloud has never been easier.  With Cloud Sync, you are ensured of professional-grade security (448-bit Blowfish encryption on device and in transit, in other words, your data is really secure); drag-and-drop direct access to your synced folder through a folder in your hard drive; the ability to sync across a range of stationary and mobile devices (Android, Apple, Windows and more); administer all your users from one central, intuitive dashboard and set company-specific usage limits; data restoration from any revision; and cloud-enabled file storage (which means you get the full benefits of cloud storage when you are out of the office).

• Rent-A-Nerd (RAN) Cloud Backup:  The easiest, fastest, and safest way to reliably back up all of your important information.  Never worry about losing critical data again!  Click here for more information about RAN Cloud Backup.

Network Setup & Management

Rent-a-Nerd provides comprehensive IT services for businesses.  This starts with crafting a customized computer network, including the necessary servers, desktops and laptops to meet your business’s needs.  From there, we verify that allLearn More

Product & Equipment Sales

Rent-A-Nerd has already done the research–you don’t have to spend your valuable time comparing the many IT products and equipment on the market.  Our years of experience has revealed that certain brands andLearn More

Preferred Nerd Network (residential clients only)

The Preferred Nerd Network is a plan for residential clients only that includes business caliber services, including: managed antivirus, sixty minutes of remote support, 16% discount on all Rent-A-Nerd services, in-store priority service upgrade,Learn More

Diagnosis and Repair

Rent-A-Nerd offers in-store (2200 Tulane Avenue, Suite 302–we’re on the corner of Tulane and Galvez) and onsite diagnosis and repair.  We are often able to perform some diagnosis and help remotely.  Call usLearn More

Monthly Contracts for all IT Needs

Rent-A-Nerd can truly provide your business with an experienced, certified IT staff, without the overhead! We offer monthly contracts specially tailored to your company needs, whether you have two or two hundred computerLearn More

Virus/Malware Protection & Removal

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Data Security, Storage, & Retrieval

There are many industries which require a high level of data security.  We can help to ensure that your data is sufficiently secure. You have options when it comes to storing your data—whetherLearn More


Rent-A-Nerd prides itself on listening to what our clients truly want and need.  We will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your IT needs then provide you with our recommendation on equipment, softwareLearn More

Website & Email Hosting

Rent-A-Nerd provides reliable website hosting.  With an average uptime of 99.9%, your site will stay up and running without the hassle of dealing with infrastructure and servers.  Our hosting supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,Learn More

Screen & Keyboard Repair

That’s right!  Don’t let a cracked screen or a broken (or spilled upon) keyboard force you to purchase a new laptop when these components can be replaced by our technicians for a fractionLearn More

Hardware and Software Installation & Support

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Equipment Tune Up & Cleaning

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