Network Setup & Management

Rent-a-Nerd provides comprehensive IT services for businesses.  This starts with crafting a customized computer network, including the necessary servers, desktops and laptops to meet your business’s needs.  From there, we verify that all software is working seamlessly, that your data has been uploaded correctly, and that all peripheral equipment, such as printers, are functioning properly.  If you already have a network in place, we ensure that it is properly configured for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Network Management offers peace of mind because we are able to remotely monitor your  system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Our system constantly checks that your antivirus is up-to-date, disc space is adequate, Windows Services (the bedrock of your computer’s operating system) are operating properly, your hard drive is healthy and there are no integrity issues, the system is free of critical errors, and your operating system is fully up-to-date.

Cloud Services

Cloud / Hosted Solutions

“Cloud-based” is not just a trendy tech term these days.  It is a revolutionary way for businesses to host their websites and email without the need for a host server, which is subjectLearn More

Monthly Contracts for all IT Needs

Rent-A-Nerd can truly provide your business with an experienced, certified IT staff, without the overhead! We offer monthly contracts specially tailored to your company needs, whether you have two or two hundred computerLearn More

Data Security, Storage, & Retrieval

There are many industries which require a high level of data security.  We can help to ensure that your data is sufficiently secure. You have options when it comes to storing your data—whetherLearn More

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