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Meet the Nerds, Part III: Cecily

We’re excited to introduce the office’s original Nerdette, Cecily Coats, our fabulous office manager.  Cecily and owner, Darrin, have been friends for years; and we appreciate her combination of quirky humor and professionalism.  Here are her responses to our “fun facts” questions: What’s your favorite local restaurant:  Mimi’s—the lamb chops are the best! When asked to choose between Star Wars or Star Trek: Cecily chose neither, which makes us all a little sad. Favorite Mardi Gras Krewe:  We weren’t surprised this Mid-City girl picked Endymion as her favorite krewe.  At least she has parking! Dream vacation location: Bora Bora PlayStation or XBox:  Again, Cecily chose neither.  (We kind of think Cecily isn’t a nerd.) Favorite game:  Jenga (Well, maybe she is a nerd after all.)Read Full Article

Meet the Nerds, Part I: Darrin, Chief Nerd

Darrin Piotrowski is our fearless leader.  He founded Rent-A-Nerd with $300 that he borrowed from his mom.  Since then he has tirelessly worked to grow the company into one that takes pride on giving its clients high quality IT sales and services, to home users and businesses of any size. We’ve asked all of the Nerds to answer some fun fact questions, and here are Darrin’s responses: When asked his favorite local restaurant, here’s his wordy response:  I have to pick one?  Patois for the gourmet in me.  Galatoire’s for old school.  Chiba when I need to satisfy my sushi craving.  Satsuma for Sunday brunch, despite the stupid seating situation! Star Wars or Star Trek:   Hov wars qamuSHa’  (Our response, “huh?”) Favorite Mardi Gras Krewe: Read Full Article