Colin Manikin, Baker Maid Products

Moving to Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. Has Paid for Itself

The biggest benefit of switching to Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. for all of our IT needs has been peace of mind and little to no unexpected downtime. I have more time to contribute to improving my own company’s bottom line. I spoke to a few other firms before choosing Rent-A-Nerd.  They were the last firm that I spoke with and the decision was obvious.  IT support was never something in the budget, but our office productivity has increased due to a lack of down-time. Efficiency has increased.  The main point I would attempt to get across to a potential customer is that the service pays for itself due to increased office efficiency. I feel that this is especially true for a company of our size that cannot justify hiring an in-house IT person. Their staff has always been prompt and knowledgeable. Nearly every problem I have encountered has been resolved the same day.