Nancy Tusa, What’s New

Rent-A-Nerd is a Great Partner Because They Take Our Needs Seriously and Practically Eliminate Our Downtime

I’d have to say that the best thing about partnering with Rent-A-Nerd is the peace of mind that I have because I know someone will be there to immediately help me with all of my IT needs. With Rent-A-Nerd being able to remote access our network and computers, we get immediate help which equates to limited down time so that our shop can continue to operate. I was especially relieved the time that they saved me from the ransom virus. Before I opened my shop in 2004 I never had a need for an IT firm.  Once I started working with Rent-A-Nerd, I immediately knew I had a firm that was not only personable and friendly, but extremely competent. They have always made me feel comfortable and important no matter how big or small my need. I would (and have) recommended Rent-A-Nerd to friends for all of these reasons.