Tom Cianfichi, Hazelnut

Rent-A-Nerd Provides Me with the Security to Know that My Business has the Best IT Support in the Area

The biggest benefits of working with Rent-A-Nerd are the confidence in knowing that if there is a problem, there is someone at the ready to address it, and that the problems have been fixed in a reasonable amount of time. We are technically challenged and don’t speak computer-ese.  Their staff explains everything to us in plain English and then gets the work done.  Also, I am the main point of contact but I am often out of town.  My staff knows they can rely on Rent-A-Nerd even in my absence and I appreciate that security. It is a huge relief to know that there is the support behind you that can effectively deal with your IT problems and Rent-A-Nerd has never let us down!